We provide solutions for online marketing and web site development for small skill business. Package start from very low price (approx. Rs.10000 each).

Website Design


ü  With specialties in Word Press and Drupal, we deliver powerful, yet user-intuitive content management systems for easy, scalable web content management.

ü  We offer a wide variety of website design services,

ü  Dynamic Website Design

ü  Custom Web Design

ü  Static Website Design

ü  Web Portal Design

Shared Hosting


ü  We provide solutions for various Shared Web Hosting packages for Windows and Linux.

ü  Package start from very low price (approx. Rs.1000 each).  

ü  Specialist advice and support for web hosting which is fit for your business.

ü  Performance, reliability and value of your money.

ü  Innovation and Creativity

ü  Quality at an Affordable Price

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