Command’s Purpose MS-DOS Linux Basic Linux Example
Copies files copy cp cp thisfile.txt /home/thisdirectory
Moves files move mv mv thisfile.txt /home/thisdirectory
Lists files dir ls ls
Clears screen cls clear clear
Closes prompt window exit exit exit
Displays or sets date date date date
Deletes files del rm rm thisfile.txt
“Echoes” output on the screen echo echo echo this message
Edits files with simple text editor edit pico pico thisfile.txt
Compares the contents of files fc diff diff file1 file2
Finds a string of text in a file find grep grep this word or phrase thisfile.txt
Formats a floppy format a: (if floppy’s in A:) mke2fs (or mformat /sbin/mke2fs /dev/fd0
Displays command help command /? man man command
Creates a directory mkdir mkdir mkdir directory
Screens through a file more less[d] less thisfile.txt
Renames a file ren mv mv thisfile.txt thatfile.txt [e]
Shows your location in the file system chdir pwd pwd
Changes directories with a specified path (absolute path) cd pathname cd pathname cd /directory/directory
Changes directories with a relative path cd .. cd .. cd ..
Displays the time time date date
Shows amount of RAM and use mem free procinfo

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