image Send E-mails from linux command line or terminal using Mutt ,Mail & Telnet

Mutt : Mutt is a small but  powerful text-based e-mail client for Unix like operating systems. With mutt command one can send and read emails. Mutt supports both maildir & mbox mail formats. Mutt is compatible with POP & IMAP protocols.

Syntax :

# mutt -s “Subject of the Mail” <  /dev/null

Example:1 Send a test mail where the mail body is blank

# mutt -s “Test Mail” < /dev/null

Above Command will send a mail with subject “ Test Mail” to

Example :2 Send Mail with attachments

Syntax :

# mutt   -s “ Subject of the Mail” -a  /tmp/<file-to-be-attached> recipient-address@ domain .com < /tmp/<mail body contents file>

# mutt  -s “test mail plz ignore” -a /tmp/backup.tgz </tmp/body.txt

NOTE: When we send mail from the console , mail sender name will be root(in case if we are logged in with root user) if we want to change the sender name and email , then Create a file in user’s home directory.

cat .muttrc

set from = “”

set realname = “MAIL ADMIN”

Mail : Mail is an  e-mail client , which is used ti send and receive mails.

Syntax :

# mail  –s <subject>   –c <cc-addr>   –b <bcc-addr>       to-addr…  </mailbody.txt


# mail -s “test mail plgz ignore” </tmp/body.txt

Above Command will  send mail with  subject “test mail plz ignore” and  body of mail will be the contents of /tmp/body.txt file.

Telnet :  The telnet command is used to communicate with another host using the TELNET protocol.  Telnet can be used to send mails , as show below :


Where :

mail from :  specify  the e-mail id from where the mail will be send.
rcpt to : specify the recipient email-id
data : it is the command after which we can specify the subject of the mail
Subject: subject of the mail
quit : is the command to exit

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