The Status module allows a server administrator to find out how well their server is performing. A HTML page is presented that gives the current server statistics in an easily readable form. If required this page can be made to automatically refresh (given a compatible browser). Another page gives a simple machine-readable list of the current server state.

The details given are:

  • The number of worker serving requests
  • The number of idle worker
  • The status of each worker, the number of requests that worker has performed and the total number of bytes served by the worker
  • A total number of accesses and byte count served
  • The time the server was started/restarted and the time it has been running for
  • Averages giving the number of requests per second, the number of bytes served per second and the average number of bytes per request
  • The current percentage CPU used by each worker and in total by Apache
  • The current hosts and requests being processed

How do I configure mod_status to display Apache web server status?

Enable/uncomment module

# vi httpd.conf


Enable/uncomment “ServerSignature”


Create virtual section


Restart apache service


Access apache status in web browser


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